Our team


Our team consists of a healthy mix of young talents and experienced specialists in the construction and installation sector. Different teams work together every day on your project: Production & Logistics, Implementation guidance & Installation, and of course our Project agency.


Our team Production & Logistics consists of a hard core of eight operators, who are trained in-company to assemble thousands of solar cell roof tiles of outstanding quality every day. All tiles are registered, packaged and then prepared for transport or set out in our warehouse.

Our team Implementation guidance & Installation consists of three ZEP engineers who are on their way to projects all over the Netherlands every day. They will help your contractor or roofer to lay the ZEP solar cell tiles so that it becomes a breeze for everyone. After installation, one of our engineers comes back to connect the entire installation to a PV inverter and to put the installation into operation. Because the installation is linked to the internet in many cases, you can easily monitor your installation 24/7!

Our project agency consists of planners, draughtsmen and calculators from our key-account managers who on a daily basis pay visits to among others new and existing customers, dealers, developers, contractors and installers - simply too many to mention.

Mr. J. (Jan) Bakker (CEO) is responsible for the daily management of ZEP.

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