F10U Redline Nature Red

Product Description

The F10U Redline Nature Red is one of the most beautiful innovations with respect to integrated solar energy solutions. The solar cell roof tile consists of a very waterproof ceramic roof tile made of 100% pure Westerwaldclay, incorporating an inconspicuous, nature red PV module in the same colour as the tile. The result of a unique and patented process that gives the solar cell its natural red, terracotta-like colour.

The clay comes from the west of Germany, where clay has been excavated for thousands of years, because of its excellent properties: very pure and plastic clay, which can be baked at high temperature. By baking the tile, it obtains its ultimate, natural red colour without adding pigments. This makes the colour of the tile very stable.

By applying stringent quality standards and checks you are assured of a long-term return on your investment. Solar cell roof tiles are normally placed ventilated so there is no risk of ventilation problems or overheating.

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