F10U Blackline black Engobe

Product Description

The F10U Blackline black Engobe is currently our most popular model - stunningly beautiful, durable and effective. The solar cell roof tile consists of a very waterproof ceramic roof tile of 100% pure Westerwaldclay, incorporating a high efficiency PV module, produced under strict IEC standards. By applying as many as five (invisible) busbars in the PV module, the current is processed quickly and efficiently, which also benefits the life span and performance of the panel in the long term.

The clay comes from the west of Germany, where clay has been excavated for thousands of years, because of its excellent properties: very pure and plastic clay, which can be baked at high temperature. Even at minimum thickness, the use of the Westerwaldclay results in a very strong and liquid-proof end product. All clay is gained from the river in a sustainable way. During the processing process there is no waste and the product is 100% recyclable (even after being processed). 

By applying stringent quality standards and checks, you are assured of a long-term return on your investment. The high reliability and exclusive appearance make this 'State of the art ' product ideal for your villa, bungalow or holiday accommodation, but also for (monumental) mansions, farmhouses and dwellings in protected village and city views.

Solar cell roof tiles are normally placed ventilated so there is no risk of ventilation problems or overheating.

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