About ZEP


ZEP was founded in 2013 by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs based on the conviction that durability should also be beautiful. During their work in the construction sector, they saw how PV panels were installed on a large scale. After completing the roof, carefully constructed architectural gems were marred with ill-positioned solar panels. The ZEP solar roof tile solves this problem because ZEP can accurately determine the positions on the roof. Ever since then, we have been working day and night to make the world around us a more sustainable and beautiful place.

In the beginning, we mainly focused on design, performance and strategic partnerships. One of these partnerships is with Nelskamp GmbH, a German roof tile manufacturer that makes ceramic tiles of outstanding quality. By using existing roof tile models, the ZEP solar roof tile integrates effortlessly with the roof landscape of any neighbourhood, village or city.


After numerous practical laboratory tests and assessments, we realized our first projects at various locations in the Netherlands. Initially, we started off with the black solar roof tile, but in October 2016, we also launched a natural red solar tile with unique terracotta-coloured solar cells, which significantly increased our target group in one blow. Meanwhile, ZEP grew, mainly through word-of-mouth and publicity: more and more roofers, distributors, contractors and architects have found their way to ZEP and are building a better world. The figures are certainly impressive: with an annual growth of 200-300%, we now are one of the largest and most important players on the Dutch BIPV market. The secret of our product? Generating energy without affecting the aesthetics of your building. That’s what you can expect of the ZEP solar roof tile, whether it’s meant for the renovation of your own home or for a new serial construction project. 

J. (Jan) Bakker
Director and co-founder ZEP 

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